Golf Depot



Golf Depot have been a client for 7 years. We have helped them year on year to grow their online sales. Their original website had been constructed using mutliple technologies and was difficult to manage. They were losing customers due to a bad checkout experience.

Once the client realised how much business they were losing we were brought in to re-build the website. We constructed a new website that was easy to navigate and had a quick checkout experience. Due to the the changes, online sales have increased year on year.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Once we had re-build the new website it was time to rank in search engines. We optimised the website and spent time driving the website up Google. The client was ranking on page one for his products in their local area and getting anything from 10k – 13k website visits per month.


We would create regular graphics to use on the website and within their email marketing. An example of this graphic design work can be seen on the banner image below.


We manage a weekly email marketing campaign. We create the graphics and construct each email to target the latest products. The client creates around 2000 extra visits to the website each month. 



Golf Depot


Website Design, Graphic Design, Email Marketing, SEO