HD Salon & Training Academy



The salon was in need of an online booking system to help them streamline their online and offline training courses.

The owner was struggling with managing the paperwork relating to bookings that were being taken over the phone so we were tasked with coming up with an automated online booking solution that would help take away the headache of manually managing the bookings.

There was a real urgency to have the new booking system up and running for boxing day as they were starting a Google Adwords campaign. The pressure was on and we wanted to hit the desired target. 

We set about implementing an easy to use booking system that would display the available training dates, allow the user to book a time slot, either pay in full or pay a deposit and apply a discount code if available.

In the backend of the system we setup email notifications to let the owner know that there was a new booking with all of the information available to manage it. The customer would also receive and automatic email with all of the course details and any other requirements.

The system has been working very well and secured the customer a good number of bookings since it’s launch.



HD Salon & Training Academy


Website design, Booking System